Carnival Games

Create Your Own Carnival Or Amusement Park Right In Your Own Back Yard!

Planning a carnival themed event? You've come to the right place! Carnival games are fun for all ages and will bring that extra level of fun and excitement to your next party. All Out Rentals has a plethora of carnival games including darts, ring toss, bean bag toss, milk can toss, bowling, duck pond, plinko and more! For more information about renting any of our carnival games in Oneonta, Binghamton or Albany, book your choice below or call one of our party planners!

Hi Striker

high striker is the old-fashioned "ring-the-bell" carnival midway game. It has long been a huge hit at company picnics, block parties, and fireman's fairs. It's mobility and ease of set up makes it the simplest high striker on the market. Its adjustable settings make it a real challenge for men, women, and kids alike.

Bank Shot

Try to stand the Quarter on the ledge. Its Harder than it looks.

Froggy Fly Fling

Try to get the flies into the frog mouth

Wacky Wire

Get the ring the the bottom without sounding off the buzzer.


A carnival Game is played by trying to get one of the balls into each of the three different color slots on the game board. Sounds easy enough, but don't count on it, the slots are just wide enough for the ball to fit.

Roller Bowler

The players try to roll the ball with just enough force so that it goes over the hump and stays in the valley on the other side, too much force it comes back, too little force it won t go over. A real challenge for all ages!

Tin Can Alley

With the lure of the sounds of crashing cans, this one attracts kids and kids at heart. They can t resist the urge to show and knock they all off. You are sure to have a winner renting this one.

Ring Toss

This classic midway staple is a sure fire hit for kids of all ages. Suited for any event and for any age group this game is a traditional favorite.

7 to 11

A game of skill, or maybe a game of chance, no one knows for sure but it's definitely a game of fun. Players roll the balls down the lane trying to score 7 or 11.

Tip Em Up Bottle Stand

This is another classic midway game of skill. Player after player line up to try to use a fishing pole with ring on it to "Stand Em Up". The bottle swivels, rolls and just does not want to stand up. It is amazing how hard this is!

Potty Tess

Lift the seat! Take aim! Fire! Patrons try to toss brown bean bags into the crapper. It's so unique it always draws a crowd around it.

Bull Rope-N

That s one angry bull and he s ready to charge!! Players toss the rope in an attempt to lasso the bull! Use the large rope to lasso the entire bull or show off your rope n skills and use the small ropes to lasso the horns!!

Duck Pond

This professional made aluminum duck pond is sure to bring a smile to all the little tikes. They will pick up floating ducks in as they circle in the water. This includes a water pump to keep the quacker rotating around.

Road Rally

And their off!! Players take turns rolling the dice to see how many spaces their cars can move forward. The first one to cross the finish line wins the race! Two to six players can play at a time.

Knock Em Down

This is always a crowd pleaser. For the kids you try to knock all the 3 of the aluminum bottles over. The adults have a little bit harder of a challenge. They have to knock all the bottles off the podium.

Milk Can Toss

It is a simple concept and for the kids, fairly easy. For all of your adults, we made it a little harder. They try to sink a mini basketball into the can. That is if they are up for a challenge!

Cover the Spot

Each player gets three round disc and try to cover the entire red spot. It really look easy, that is until you try it.

Magnetic Darts

Just like the traditional Balloon Pop midway hit. The only difference is that we chose to use magnetic darts to keep everyone safe. It is still a must have for any carnival.

Mini Golf Hole

Choose one of our mini golf holes. Our can choose either a premium or a regular hole.

Just get one into the fish bowl to win! This game includes a generous amount of glass bowls and ping pong balls, but you need to supply the goldfish.

Frisbee Toss

Can you throw a Frisbee into one of the three holes? If you think you can then take the Frisbee challenge. For the kids we have mini Frisbees to make it easier.

Horse Shoes

rsion of the game. They have to get a plastic horseshoe onto the post for a ringer. Hey kids, see if you can beat your dad!


Remember watching the price is right. This was one of the contestants favorite games. Players drop a plastic puck down the board full of pegs to see if it plinks it way into the lucky slot.